Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue Moon

At the first stroke of midnight Reid landed the sucker punch. Mark fell against the bookshelf, licked the blood from his lips, and lunged.

The men did not know each other when they arrived at the party, but a few hours later, they understood that their mutual interest in the red haired ingenue standing by the balcony door precluded friendship between them.

Though shy by nature, Ginger agreed to come to her friend's festivities without a date. She had moved to the city a few months before and knew that her plans to make significant changes in her life for the new year did not include sitting in a small apartment, especially on such a special evening.

So she mingled and introduced herself to strangers, and told stories and laughed at jokes. She also flirted with Reid and Mark during different times in the evening.  While flattered by their attentiveness and desire, she knew that she would go home alone. She wanted something more.

“I've always thought that getting a midnight kiss from a special someone is one of the most romantic things ever,” she said to her friend as she accepted a flute of champagne and looked at the two men throwing punches.

Her friend laughed as Reid and Mark stumbled past.  “For me, just making out with a random person is fun too.”

At the last stroke of midnight, as the revelers shouted, blew noise-makers, and kissed, Reid and Mark ran around the room shoving each other into furniture. Ginger turned away from her battling suitors and opened the door to step outside for a look at the luminescent sky.  She smiled. At home in the country, she had never been the type of girl men would fight over.

How can anyone not love this night? she thought, and raised her glass to the new moon.


  1. Oh my... I knew girls like this. I think I'd rather deal with vampires - they, at least, are fairly straightforward.

  2. I really enjoyed this story - I love the optimism of the ending.

    Happy New Year!!

  3. There are so many details here that ring true with my experiences of the forced conviviality with complete strangers that is New Year, that it made me shiver!

    I no longer go to such parties.

    Well done, completely and utterly true to life

  4. Nice story for the new year. Ginger is an interesting character, she seems to have her own agenda.

  5. How funny! I can't blame Tony's reaction. :)

  6. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Ginger, the ingenue with red hair. I may be too cynical, but maybe she's not quite as sweet as she sounds? Hmmm. This was a fun story with some really funny lines. Happy New Year! ~ Olivia

  7. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Who hasn't wanted to move somewhere fresh and re-invent themselves?

  8. Oh, Ginger... I think Fred is looking for you too!

    I can't help but think she's getting all the kisses deserves here.

    Wishing you and the Friday Flash crowd a happy new year!

  9. Cool girl that Ginger.

  10. Why is she the bad guy in the comment thread lol?

    She was just being herself. THEY were apparently just being THEMSELVES....

    What's the problem?

    Nice story Marisa. I liked it ending with the moon. The new moon has such mystical properties. I hope she finds happiness.

    Happy New Year darlin!
    Karen :0)

  11. And of course they fall against a bookshelf to make themselves even more ridiculous!

  12. I really liked the tone of this story. Thanks for posting it!

  13. I thought this story was adorable. A sweet fun flash to kick off the year! Good job!

    Thanks for your kind comment at Flashes In The Dark. ;)

  14. Ah yes, mating displays. :)

    Ginger's got the right idea, hold out for someone with a little more to offer than chest thumping (or rival bashing).

    But the full moon does bring out the crazies...

    Nice tale, Marisa. Good "kick-off" to the New Year.

  15. I'm with KjM here - she does right to hold off for something worthwhile, but in the meantime, why not enjoy the attention?

    Lovely scene-setting here Marisa. You've given just enough of Ginger's backstory (and indeed forward story!) to make me greedy for more.

    Happy new decade!

  16. Very believable and a great image of the two lads fighting after her

    Good stuff

  17. Really delightful Marisa! I like Ginger and agree with the others - she has an agenda and why not enjoy it all.

    Is she a vampire? Hmmm...

  18. Hilarious! Perfect story for the new year. I think Ginger may be smarter than she looks.

  19. People are great entertainment, aren't they. Good one. Thanks.

  20. I love this. Hope you had a Happy New Year!

  21. The first line really pulls you in—who expects fisticuffs as the new year begins? This story is well written and quite funny. Nice depiction of the Ginger character.

  22. Awesome story. It was a very special night - blue moon or not.
    Refreshing - Comfort food writing, I call it!


  23. Kind of makes you think men should be more like Barry's rock ptarmigan. You really did a great job of displaying the woman's attitude. I could see her enjoying this new experience.

  24. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Fairly straight foward, Tony? Are you sure?

  25. She allowed herself to enjoy the crowd for a change and from it, found two guys fighting over her. Love it.