Monday, May 03, 2010

Office Mate

I know her fingers are idle. She tried to write for over an hour but fear prevented that, and now she has run out of time.

“What can help me?” I hear her say. “I am in a pickle here.”

No! There will not be brined cucumber for her as long as I am around. After a few moments I hear it. Ah, she remembers I am stashed in the bottom drawer of the desk. Happy moment for me. She lifts me out and unwraps the foil that keeps my square shape fresh and beautiful.

While I do share the space with coarsely chopped peanuts, and some flakes that I believe would be better suited in a bowl full of milk, I know it is the dark part of me she craves. As I have done many times before, she hopes that the taste of  my silky sweet wash of flavor will energize and inspire her.

After eating half of my chocolate goodness, she looks at the paper. Not a single written word mars its virgin pallor. Was it time to move those fingers?

Not yet. I beckon again. She closes her eyes and takes another bite. I can feel her mmmm of pleasure.

“Are you finished with the report?” Her boss stands in the doorway.

She looks at him and swallows. “The research is taking longer than I thought.”

I always have more work to do.
~     ~      ~    ~   

A new chat can be found at #storycraft on Sundays at 6pm EST. In addition to all the good talk last week, participants were given an assignment: to write a story (300-500 words) from the perspective of an inanimate object.  The above was my contribution.

The founders of #storycraft are @TamaraNKitties @Danisidhe and @IamJaymes 

They share space at  @Story_Craft


  1. I always keep your sort in my drawer. Great flash Marisa!

  2. Anonymous9:42 AM

    When it's so desperate to please, how can we resist? :-) Cute story!

  3. I loved this. It was sweet and sinful at the same time, both the story and the subject. :)

  4. mmmmm . . . now I need chocolate . . .

  5. Very sensual, just like chocolate. I knew I'd heard chocolate speaking to me before. Now I know I wasn't imagining it...

  6. I'd never think of writing from the perspective of a chocolate. Cool! :D

  7. Yes, no matter how softly it might whisper, that's a voice I always hear...

    Brilliant perspective to tell the story from. Love it. :-)

  8. I can never write when hungry...foodstuff of all sorts call my name. I can't leave them, lonely and longing. That would just be cruel!

  9. To be honest, this part right here: "Ah, she remembers I am stashed in the bottom drawer of the desk" made me think it could be anything...not just chocolate....

    people have different office mates to pass on the time and life spent in a cube....

    I read it twice for different reasons and I liked that. :)

  10. Hehe. Chocolate does have its place.

    But... at first... I thought... FOR SURE.. she was reaching for a pencil. Something about typing things out versus handwriting ~ the pencil and paper brings out the muse in me much quicker :)

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