Sunday, November 05, 2006

Paper Covers Rock

Adele had been away on business for two days. As soon as she returned from Connecticut last night, she came over to the apartment. Deacon, his girlfriend, and I were watching a movie…at least Deacon and Girlfriend were because I was lying on the couch wiped out from staying out very late the night before, getting up early, and getting pummeled by the trainer at the gym. So I was watching and snoozing.

Adele looked quite pulled together, wearing charcoal trousers, grey sweater, and polished three-inch boots. I summon non-existent energy to get up and greet her.

ADELE: I have decided that I am now in my looking for a husband mode.
ALICE: Again?
ADELE: Well…yes. I go in cycles, you know. Adele cycles.
ALICE: So, we are back to the beginning.
ADELE: Yeah, when I first met you, I told you I was looking for a husband. Now, this minute, I’m doing the same thing.

Deacon and his girlfriend each rush off to different parts of the apartment. They are very familiar with this cycle of Adele-ness, and just don’t want to talk about it. Again. Adele then tells me all the reasons she wants a husband. I am so tired – it is midnight – and I really am trying to give her all my attention. But, I apparently fall asleep while she is talking, though she doesn’t notice because she is still talking when I wake up. I nod and make all the proper noises that a person who is keenly following someone’s discussion makes.

ADELE: So, after hearing all this, what do you think?
ALICE: Well. Um. Hey! Are you hungry? Do you want to get some samosas?
ADELE: Oh, god, yes. I would love some!

I know my Adele. Yes, there is her looking-for-a-husband cycle. But the I love samosas probably more than I love looking for a husband trumps it. Every time.