Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Kick in the A**

When I was a student those eons ago, Sister St. Cornelia would write on the blackboard whatever assignment needed to be completed for the week. Then she had us copy it down in our little notebooks. This would ensure that we students could not claim that we did not know about it, or any other excuse for not doing the work and handing it in on time.

Sick? Send her the assignment with your mother. 

Dead? Leave it to her in your will.

So, today I give a shout-out to that little lesson. 

Sister St. Cornelia is not here but if she were, I would tell her that I don't need her to write any reminders for me on the blackboard.  I can post it on the refrigerator. Also, I can see the others who tweet -- days before the deadline -- that they've finished their assignment. What? Oh, how I hate envy admire them!

So, here I am. Thinking. I am kind of tired, though, and  I need something that will jolt me into action.

Oh. OK. That's a good start.


  1. And don't try get by with putting your peas in the milk carton so you don't have to eat them. I'm sure Sister St. Cornelia can spot that trick a mile away. ;)

  2. Consider this your 'kick'. :) That's the nice thing about #fridayflash. It keeps you writing.

  3. it does keep you writing, but I usually don't get to start on it until the last minute (even thought I have seriously thought about it all week).

    I think I will do everything I can to NOT write all week, complain that I "have" to, seriously want to, but I think I will just go take a nap now (I wore myself out)


  4. Perhaps you need to write a FF about that little nun with the giant cup of coffee. That could be interesting!

    Straight From Hel

  5. I enjoy #FridayFlash tremendously, but I do let myself off the hook by telling myself I can be a commenter certain weeks instead of a writer, and appreciating what others do, concentrating on learning from them.

    Seems to be much better than forcing it, though Laura does have a point about it keeping us writing. In my case the writing still goes mostly toward the nonfiction route, and into my coaching business. It's all good!

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