Friday, September 18, 2009

Résumé Blues

It was the tenth rejection in a month. As she closed the office door behind her she realized that, today, she just didn’t have the will to summon up any disappointment. Anger? Yeah. She could bring that to her thoughts. What the hell more do they want from me anyway, damn it? She was well educated, dressed nicely, and certainly knew her way around the field. It was communications, for God’s sake. She was born to do that!
But this last HR manager, just like all the others, told her that she would not be a good fit in their small medical journal department. Why? He told her that her writing would be a problem for their clientele. How can that be? She had always been told that her writing was in a class by itself. Sui generis. See? She even knew the fancy term. She was no fool.
On the walk home, she thought of all the interviews she had arranged during the last 30 days. Well, there was the law firm, the investment bank, the university academic journal, and the – no, I won’t think about this anymore for the evening.
She lived with her parents, of course, since she didn’t have a job and couldn’t move out, but they didn’t mind and she never really wanted to leave. Now, she was worried about bringing them bad news again. She knew they would be waiting when she opened the door. Yes, there they are. Smiling. But their smiles faded as she shook her head slowly.
Her dad sighed and her mom came over to pat her arm, and then left for the kitchen. She thought that a favorite dinner might cheer everyone. While she supported her daughter in all her endeavors, she privately felt that it was time to face reality. Her child had to look for work in less exalted areas. Her face was just too different.
She heard her daughter sobbing.
“Oh, Daddy, why can’t I ever be taken seriously?”
Her father sat her down.
“It’s a tough world out there. I know that’s hard to accept. But, sweetie, if you’re not born a Courier New or Times New Roman or Helvetica, you’re not gonna be able to join the others in the big league.”
Comic Sans dried her tears. Tomorrow she would try again. Maybe Beanie Babies has an opening.


  1. very clever - i love it. comic sans has such a rap..

  2. Very amusing. :-) You know, I just don't get all the comic sans hate. I mean, the font shouldn't be blamed for people's misuse of it. There's a time and a place for comic sans. I'm sure the poor thing will find it eventually. Nice job!

  3. I laughed out loud. This is just a perfect gem of flash, IMO. You did a great job with this.

    Way to think outside the (font) box!


  4. Thank you for the happy comments! I tried to write this in Comic Sans but it doesn't seem to be in my font list, heh.

  5. Hah - very clever :)

    And I actually went *Awwww* at the end, as if you had posted pictures of kittens :D

  6. Very clever. How sad that Comic Sans can't even be used on a blog. She'll never get a break.

  7. Great! Very nice twist. I love comic's so sad that even the blogs reject her.

  8. Loved this Marisa! Clever, as others have said, but I also enjoy this more lighthearted side of #FridayFlash and learning how a story can be woven from a single idea (without anyone having to die!)

  9. Nice job, Will the rejections never end.

  10. it gets me to thinking how we accept only certain fonts in 'professional' writing...however, your little heroine can find a happy home at Marvel. Great little piece. Nice twist.

  11. Thank you all!

    -Rosa Well, she did want to wring some necks but no, no one had to die.

    -Kayanna Kirby She did get a nibble at Beanie Babies.

    -The Writer She does have an interview at Marvel. Fingers crossed.

  12. I snorted in a most unladylike way.
    Nice twist. Did NOT see that coming.
    I typed this in comic sands and copied it, but after I journeyed all the way to your comment box and pasted it... all I got was this lousy tee shirt...I mean times new roman....*sigh* fontism is everywhere I'm afraid... even on blogger.
    Karen :0)

  13. Love it! Fabu flash... and hey, we're neighbors - I'm down the street in Bawlemore...

    Personally, I love Georgia 12. Peace, Linda

  14. Very clever. You made me chuckle. I've always been fond of trebuchet MS

  15. She should try a comedy outfit or a circus - they'd love her style. Very clever.

  16. Clever and amusing! I had no idea what you were leading to with "Her face was just too different."

    Lovely read :)

  17. Bahaha! I have some friends that are serious font snobs, I'm going to forward this to them!
    Thanks for the laugh. :-)

  18. I was expecting really sad with, "her face was just too different," and was delighted with the humorous twist. I laughed out loud. Very well done.

  19. Great story! You got a chuckle out of me at the end. I love comic sans. Not an everyday font, but still one that can be enjoyed!

  20. Ha! Totally unexpected - love it, and thank you!

  21. Wonderful. My wife's the world's biggest fan of Comic Sans. I have to go and tell her about this.

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