Friday, September 29, 2006

Working Girl...Again

O.K. I am getting ready to go to work again this morning. It's early. When my alarm woke me up and it was still dark outside, I relived a memory of my waking Eddie up on his first day of kindergarten. He was astonished because he thought it was the middle of the night and he wondered what kind of school wants people to come in when the moon is still out.

But off he went and when he returned in the afternoon, he was full of wonderful stories about how much fun it had been, what great snacks the kids had shared, how nice the teacher had behaved, and on and on. I was so relieved because even though I was the one who had burst into tears when Eddie left on the bus, I just was worried that he would be unhappy with the whole thing. I mean, it was school, you know?

Anyway next morning, when I awakened him again in the dark, Eddie turned over and looked at me with wide eyes.

ALICE: What's wrong, sweetie?
EDDIE: What! I have to do this AGAIN?

It turns out that while it had been a great experience...for one day...making a habit of it was not on his agenda.

Yes, my alarm woke me up and it was still bloody dark outside. I thought of Eddie.