Monday, August 07, 2006

Yours religiously

For weeks my friend, Tiggy has been trying to get me to meet Eva, her psychic friend. Now this Eva apparently has a deceased nun who stands behind her right shoulder and whispers in her ear whether the person meeting Eva is worth a friendship or not.

I am a product of Catholic schools and I know that nuns did not like me. They told me often enough. So, no, I did not want to meet Eva, or rather Eva's nun. No, thanks!

Not really giving a damn about my wishes, Tiggy dragged me off to meet Eva at a pancake diner. Well, Eva was nice. Welcoming. Amusing. Stared hard at me whenever I spoke. I would think to myself, "Is that freaking nun talking trash about me?"

After lunch, we went to Eva's condo and Tiggy, at one point, (and quite unnecessarily embarrassingly, I thought) said, "Oh Eva, Alice was so nervous about meeting you because she thought your nun would not like her. But I think it seems like she hasn't said anything bad about her."

"Well, not yet," Eva answered. “She is a nun after all, and she will be polite and wait until after you both leave before letting me know.”

I spent the rest of the afternoon being on my best Catholic schoolgirl behavior. Eva did give me a big hug goodbye and invited me back so maybe I did manage to pull it off. But I really don't know if I fooled the nun, though. There's still plenty of time for her to give me the thumbs down.

Do I care? Yes, yes I do. But after some thought I decided that what is going to happen is that Eva will not want to be friends after all but the nun will decide that hey, she missed me after I left; I am that adorable. So I will spend a lot of time visiting Eva and not speaking to her but rather to my new bff, the nun! Finally, I see a way into heaven (without having to do the kneeling, praying, and confessing thingies).

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